Testimonials from Group Participants

matisse-leafMy deepest gratitude for a spectacular day! From the moment I walked in, to the end of the day, your welcoming spirit of genuine care , attentiveness, focus and expertise were immeasurable. — Cherie W. 

“It is ironic, but true, that a traumatic event in your life can be the beginning of a journey of discovery. You begin to nurture a greater awareness of your own presence, and that of others, in a deeply spiritual sense. The Shapiros are excellent guides and guardians on the way.”    —R.T.

matisse-leaf“Bob and Marianne have provided a vehicle for helping me to release pain and shame that I have carried around for over half of my life. I never thought I could bring these issues to light in a group situation, but for me, the group’s energy,  participation and acceptance was integral to my ability to find a way to work through this difficulty. Bob and Marianne are gifted facilitators and I could not be happier that I found them! If you have baggage you are ready to set down, this is the place that can help you do that. We share our true selves and we are accepted with empathy and humor. Plus, we share amazing food and we have fun!  Thank you for giving me this gift of a light heart!”    —S.G

Thank you Marianne and Bob, Yesterday was beyond all expectation and today brings a heart accessed to love.  D.K.

matisse-leaf  I remember how many questions I had about group work and the patience and reassurances given to me that participating would be a worthwhile journey. It is almost impossible to describe what my experiences within this unique group opportunity have shown me. At times intense, always safe, touching and memorable, the group opportunities offered by Marianne and Bob have given me insight and perspective I would never have experienced without taking that first leap. Every curve and turn in the journey has actually been a line to exactly what has been needed and necessary to understand. I still don’t have all the answers, but will remain forever, immeasurably grateful for Marianne, Bob and fellow group participants for holding my hand and walking with me just where the path needs to go.  M.O.

matisse-leaf“What I like best about traveling to Bow for workshops with Marianne and Bob is that I know I will be met with challenge and authenticity. I like the open space of their home/workshop space surrounded by Skagit farmland and llama pasture. The combination of Marianne’s creative energy and Bob’s desire to stay authentically centered keeps the balance for a wide range of activities internal and external.”    —G.R.

matisse-leaf“For me the strength of the workshop was the transparent process  of the facilitators; the warmth and spontaneity of the facilitators, and that way they worked together. Professionally, this workshop gave me confidence to be transparent in my process. It addressed somatic/energy issues that were very helpful. I appreciated the use of qi gong in warming up the group/enhancing group connections.”   —M.M.

matisse-leaf“Thanks for all that you do to make life a bit more bearable, and for the empowerment you set out to instill within those around you who are especially in need of it! What you and Bob do has such a powerful impact, not only to help process and deflate the constrictions of suffering for each individual…. But also the subsequent influence each of these individuals then projects amidst society in general – in a nut shell, you take on a monster share in making this world a better place to LIVE!   Your dedication, compassion, sincerity, and your uncanny ability to quickly navigate, comprehend and respond to each individual’s current reality makes all the difference in the world! Thank you!”    —S.S.

matisse-leaf“You two stay so real with us, the group, that the work feels safer and more real. It was miraculous to witness and participate in such healing.    You two have clearly worked many hours and how lucky we all are, I really didn’t realize it would be so effective. I can notice the difference, I am sure that I am lighter.  Just tonight in my Al-Anon mtg, I joked that I should write a booklet titled Screwed-up No More.  This is a take-off of a book I read over 20 years ago called Victims No More.  Today, I feel clarity that I am not my habitual patterns.”    —L.R.

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